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About Us

Why we started our breeding? One day we felt alone without a pet so we bought first kitty. It was our beloved Maine Coon breed Benji. This little darling made us like him so much that after some time we got a partner for him - Del Rose. And that is how it all began. Our breeding is located in big house in countryside. Our kitties are taken care of whole family, that is why they grow for a best human mates:)

We would like to assure You that:

  • Kitties from our breedery are not only under the care of our Family but also Vet which work with us for a long period of time

  • All kitties in the time of tranfer to the customer are having Orgin Act and Medical Record

  • All kitties in the time of tranfer to the customer are vaccinated and in perfect health

  • Kitties are leaving our home after 15-16 weeks from being born

  • When leaving home time arrives, kitties are used to eating dry fodder, use litter tray and scratcher.

  • We will provide you every information which you may need according to taking care of your kitty. In case of any emergency we will try to help you

  • We do care about our kitties that is why we would love to keep contact with you and track how our lovely kitties are growing

  • Our kitties are pure bred, they won several competitions. Our "Benji" has won Champion title.

You will receive from us a gift to every kitty, which includes: bowl, toys for kitties and 1kg of fodder:dry and wet. Of course you can count on us in case of any questions. We do care about our kitties in new homes

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